boatVisioning Architecture: It Works Like a Charm!

We all have some passion to manifest or transform something in our lives. Maybe your particular inner calling is to discover a new career path that you feel passionate about; draw love into your life; learn to set healthy boundaries with loved ones; forgive someone; learn to listen; become a world famous musician; have a child; write a book; give up an addiction; get a raise; express gratitude; heal your life traumas.

The law of attraction says, “like attracts like”. As you think a thought and set an intention, you are attracting similar thoughts to you like a magnet. When you set an intention, are able to visualize it and then act on it to demonstrate your commitment, amazing things occur. By creating visual stories, as in the River of Life process, you will be able to clearly track the richness of your life experiences and draw from those experiences to tell stories of courage, triumph, risk, struggle, values, vision, adventure, mistakes made and lessons learned. You will see the trends and inclinations that have evolved through the journey of your life experiences. You life stories provide the context for your experiences and through them, you will be able to find the inspiration to make an impact on the world. This is a process of imagination, emotion, intuition, creativity and soul supported by the intellect.

Each time Arina has taken me through this ‘River of Life’ process, I am amazed at what happens; she is a modern day alchemist!”
~ Janice Gates, Businesswoman and Author of Yogini: The Power of Women in Yoga

In this creativity coaching process you act on your goal, passion, vision or dream by using the River of Life process, shadow box process; vision story boards and spirit journaling.